20 Useful PHP Scripts Available on CodeCanyon [ Part 01 ]

For many, PHP is the lifeblood of web development.
It may be a general-purpose scripting language, but it powers WordPressDrupal,Magento, and more; not to mention the thousands of individual PHP scripts available. If you've got a problem that needs an online solution, more than likely, you can solve it by creating a PHP script—or downloading something already built.
PHP is clearly suited for web development. Take these top 20 most popular PHP scripts available on Envato Market, for example:
The Simple PHP Contact Form is exactly that. 

And it does "simple" very well. It includes only the basic contact form essentials:
  • easy integration into your existing PHP page
  • adheres to your existing website Stylesheet
  • a validation script
  • anti-spam filters
  • message sent completion message
  • and a few other bits you’d expect in a simple contact form
The Simple PHP Contact Form has all the essentials you need. This is why it has made itself into many developer toolboxes as a "go-to" simple contact form.
Booking System, aka BookingWizz, is a wiz at managing reservations for any website offering services, lessons, and event reservations.
Packed with plenty of power, this easy-to-set-up booking script has a clean design and is fully responsive.

Called the "'Swiss Knife' of Booking Software," you can easily see why:
  • You can book multiple events and services.
  • Users can print their details to PDF.
  • Organizers can keep an eye on things with the Admin Dashboard.
  • Schedule single-day services, multi-day services, and events.
  • You can even book phone customers by using the manual booking option!
This barely scratches the surface of what it can do. When you begin to expand into the Booking System add-ons, you'll even find more power, like notifying clients using SMS with 10 SMS gateways.
There's no need to use an entire CMS to handle user logins and have private pages that can only be viewed by logged-in visitors to your website.
This can easily be done by leveraging PHP Login & User Management, a MySQL-powered website PHP login script. You can even change User Levels using the built-in Control Panel when you need different levels of page security.

This script includes:
  • captcha integration
  • profiles
  • social media login support
  • login expiration
  • lost password activation code email
  • welcome and activation emails
  • as well as many control panel features for Admin
With the installation wizard and the HTML5 Twitter Bootstrap design, you'll be up and running with solid PHP Login & User Management in no time.
If you're needing a CRM for your business or maybe you're wanting to up your freelance project management, instead of adding another monthly fee to your expenses, why not host your own customer and project management system?
More specifically, the Ultimate Client Manager - CRM - Pro Edition.

UCM Pro really does pack an impressive punch of features. You can:
  • enjoy industry-standard PGP/RSA encrypted fields
  • email support tickets.
  • organize your leads, customers, projects, and invoices
  • have your customers log in and see their project status
  • enable subscription billing features to help organize and automate client billing
  • convert invoices into PDF documents
  • make multiple currency and tax rate adjustments
  • have customers and staff upload project files
This is only a fraction of the useful features you'll find. And while this CRM contender is robust enough to challenge many other subscription-based CRMs, it's the little things like being able to change your CRM theme that give the Ultimate Client Manager - CRM - Pro Edition that extra polish.
Freelance Cockpit 2 is a really nice project management system that fits the needs of the active freelancer.
Not only can you keep your projects organized and communicate with agents and clients, but you can also handle your expenses and billing!

You'll find the usual Gravatar support, the ability to customize your CSS, and helpful tools like recurring invoices and expense tracking. But you'll also find some nice gems in here—things like:
  • private messaging
  • PayPal subscriptions and IPN integration
  • database backup
  • user activity widget
  • client estimates and portal
  • project timer
  • more!
Throw in the nice graphs that show your business progress, and you'll wonder why you didn't start using Freelance Cockpit 2 - Project Management sooner.
Get ready to save hours of time with only a few minutes of implementation with xCRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) - Data Management System.
This is a simple, yet powerful application for PHP and MySQL.

Features include, but are not limited to:
  • Bootstrap support
  • fast jQuery-powered AJAX interface
  • WordPress plugin for WordPress integration
  • easy integration with any script, framework, or CMS
  • simple and easy single-line syntax
  • multi-instance system for multiple xCRUD instances running on a single page with multiple tables at once
You can easily send subscriber emails using this simple Newsletter System.
While this isn't bulging with features, it has everything you need to send professional newsletters to your database of subscribers.

Keeping it simple with all the right features.
Send emails and manage your subscribers with features like:
  • custom templates
  • double opt-in
  • open tracking
  • CSV import
And subscribers can subscribe through your website and unsubscribe themselves.
This Newsletter System is nice and simple.
Customers can easily find your store in style with Super Store Finder.
By fully integrating Google API V3 and using Geo IP to detect the user location, Super Store Finder allows your customers to find your location quickly and easily from their smartphones.

The Twitter Bootstrap powered design—complete with modal popups, tabs, alerts, and more—looks great from the desktop or smartphone. But it's the feature set of this PHP script that really catches your eye:
  • results sorted from nearest to furthest
  • use Google Street View
  • unlimited locations
  • bulk CSV import
  • autofill search field
  • multi-language support
  • users can request to add locations
  • multiple admins
  • add your own map markers
  • and much, much, more
This is a great way to leverage Google Maps into your website for both desktop and mobile users, and includes enough unique features to use Super Store Finder for more than your stereotypical use cases.
There's no need to keep monkeying around with your email marketing.
If you're serious about having your own email marketing application, this is a great place to start. In fact, the MailWizz - Email Marketing Application is robust and feature rich enough for you to become an Email Service Provider for your customers!

Autoresponders? Check.
Restful API and Web Hooks? Double check.
Powerful theming system, customizable list forms, and customer backend? Triple check.
You'll have no problem sending tens of thousands of emails in just an hour, or importing and exporting subscriber lists, reports, and stats; not to mention enjoying IP location services, and best of all, unlimited lists and subscribers.
The MailWhizz - Email Marketing Application includes support for many delivery servers, including SMTP Amazon SES, Directory Pickup, PHP's mail, and Sendmail.
A popular or powerful CMS has its place, but many small business websites simply don't need it. In fact, many of the options included in these Content Management Systems become a distraction.
CMS Pro - Content Management System, on the other hand, provides an intuitive, easy-to-use solution.

Small business owners can edit, manage, and change their website and enjoy features like:
  • database backup
  • responsive layout
  • SEO optimization
  • drag and drop plugin widgets
  • installation wizard
It also includes top-notch plugins:
  • jQuery Tabs
  • Poll
  • News Slider
  • Event Manager
  • Recent Twitts
And of course, more.
One CMS doesn't fit all, so CMS Pro - Content Management System may be just the fit you're looking for.
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