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Sony, the catch-up king

Sony's not making PCs any more. It recently announced it wouldn't be making new e-readers, either.

Why T-Mobile wants to give you a wireless router for free

If you're a T-Mobile customer, your company just gave you a very unexpected gift at yesterday's UnCarrier event: a wireless router.

Moto X review (2014): from also-ran to amazing in one year

I'll be honest with you: When the first Moto X came out last year, some early apprehension soon gave way to unwavering fondness.

Your dorm room, upgraded

It's autumn once more and that means you're back at school. The car-load of Craigslist-sourced furniture is unpacked, you've already had the first (of likely many) arguments with your roommate about a spilled bowl of ramen.

IBM's 'Ninja Particles' could stop the rise of superbugs

IBM Research's Jim Hedrick has a great job. His work on polymers -- those repeating chains of macromolecules that make up most things in our world, like the computer or phone you're reading this on -- has led to the creation of substances with Marvel Comics-worthy descriptors.

If the internet had slow lanes, you'd still be waiting to read this article

Today is the internet's "Day of Action," an organized protest aimed at the Comcasts and Time Warners of the world from internet denizens, organizations, and companies.

Apple Watch: Much ado about nothing

I don't get it. Based on my demographic standing; by sheer dint of my position within the tech press; as someone who grew up with the first Macintosh in his house and a subscription to Macworld, I should be standing and applauding and ferociously tweeting my awe and amazement at the unveiling of Apple Watch.

Apple aesthetics: a look at the iPhone's design history

In order to properly appreciate the brand-spanking-new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you first have to examine its lineage.

Stephen Hawking asks devs to help Intel build a connected wheelchair

Why should developers be interested in developing on Intel's Galileo and Edison development boards? Because one of the smartest men on the planet thinks you should.

The iPhone 6 vs. the competition: Can it stay ahead?

By now you're aware that there's an iPhone 6 and you've seen what it has to offer. But are all those new bells and whistles (like Apple Pay) enough to make you choose it above other phones? It's always hard to tell what features will work out, but in the meantime there's always cold, hard specs to look at.

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