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What you need to know about commercial drones

Wondering why you don't see drones everywhere, despite the intention of Amazon and others to deliver all the things with flying robots? Here's why: It's illegal.

Up close and personal with Samsung's vibrant Galaxy Tab S

When Samsung first made what it considered to be the definitive Android smartphone, it called it the Galaxy S and has stuck with that naming convention for every flagship phone it's made since.

How I got stabbed in the chest at E3 2014 (an Oculus Rift tale)

There I was, impaled by an alien. I was carefully walking around a space station, with nothing more than my (admittedly dim) wits and a motion tracker, watching a large, terrifying alien stamp about.

Are you ready for your first home robot? Meet Pepper

The path to mainstream home robots is strewn with the battery-drained corpses of AIBO and lesser-known, Dalek-esque robots like Wakamaru.

What you need to know about Amazon Prime Music

Remember all those rumors about Amazon launching a music streaming service? Well, they were absolutely true: Amazon pulled back the curtain on Prime Music earlier today, which gives paying Prime subscribers access to over a million songs for no additional cost and without a single obnoxious ad in earshot.

Getting sweaty with the future of Sony's virtual reality

The private room, elevated above the crazed throngs of E3 attendees, was dark and oppressively stuffy.

A quick guide to following World Cup 2014 on Google, Facebook and Twitter

Like a trio of vuvuzelas, the three big internet platforms became a significant part of the World Cup's background noise in 2010.

All the games from Sony's PlayStation event at E3 2014

Sony's E3 event didn't end until 11PM ET last night. So, just as we did with the Xbox titles revealed at E3, we're going to round up all the future games heading to Sony's various consoles.

All the games from Microsoft's E3 event

Right before Microsoft kicked off its E3 event, Graeme Boyd told us to expect games, games and...

What it's like to drive a Tesla Model S in the UK

In a nutshell: more fun and more practical than you might expect, despite the high upfront cost. The right-hand drive model of the Tesla Model S has just arrived in the UK and it instantly transforms the story of electric cars in this country.

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