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Samsung Chromebook 2 review: A $400 laptop never looked so good

Chromebooks seem to be having a moment. Which is odd, because for a while there, nobody seemed to be giving them a chance.

What's on tap for Apple at WWDC 2014

It's that time again, folks -- geeks from around the globe (us included) are getting ready to descend on San Francisco's Moscone Center for WWDC 2014.

What you need to know about hologram people

Perhaps you watched the Billboard Music Awards and were aghast (or impressed) by Michael Jackson's performance from beyond the grave.

SpaceX Dragon V2 can seat up to seven passengers, use thrusters to land on solid ground

SpaceX's Dragon capsule has been taking cargo to the International Space Station since 2012, but it's done so lacking the chops to shuttle humans into orbit.

Ditching the MacBook Air for Microsoft's Surface Pro 3

​I, like many others, participated in what could be called the unofficial Surface Pro 3 challenge: trading in my regular laptop for the company's new device for a week, with the intent of doing all my work on the new notebook-tablet hybrid.

Extreme exposure: Inside GoPro's burgeoning media empire

A sun-pinked face stares down the barrel of a surfboard-mounted camera. Mountain biker Sam Pilgrim is gently floating in crystal-clear water against a backdrop of cotton-wool clouds and bright blue sky.

This is why Apple bought Beats

Ever since the rumors first broke that Apple wanted to buy Beats for $3 billion, the masses have uttered one universal word: Why? Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue and Beats CEO and co-founder Jimmy Iovine sat down with Recode's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the Code Conference to discuss the confirmed news.

What you need to know about solar energy

Right now, you can install relatively cheap technology on your own roof and power your house, gadgets and even your car.

Google designs new self-driving vehicles that lose the steering wheel and pedals

Google has been tweaking its self-driving car project for years, but now it's taking another big step.

Inside LG's G3: How vacuums, focus groups and competitive pressure shaped a smartphone

Nine months ago, deep in a heavily guarded lab in Seoul, South Korea, LG's mobile design team set out to create a phone to rival Samsung's flagships.

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